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In-Home & On-Site Kanata Computer Repair Certified Technicians & IT Support Services. We provide Same day & Next Day Kanata Computer Repair services. 

Kanata Computer Repair Ottawa

In-Home & On-Site Kanata Computer Repair

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Emergency Same Day & Next Day Service

We provide Emergency Same Day and Next Day computer repair Services in Kanata, Ontario. We repair all major brands including Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, IBM, Compaq, Samsung, Panasonic. 

Up Front Pricing

Before any of our technicians start any work, they will explain everything and answer any questions you may have. There are no surprise fees. We offer up front pricing.

Kanata Computer Repair Services 

We fix & repair computer issues by In-Home or On-Site Certified Computer Repair Technician

Kanata Slow Computer Repair & Tuneup

Kanata Slow Computer Repair & Tuneup 

We specialize in Slow Computer Repair in Kanata, Ontario. We fix and repair issues with slow running laptops. We will tuneup your Kanata Computer with all the latest software and hardware updates, update your Virus Checker, cleanup your old files and get rid of unwanted programs.

Kanata Computer Virus Removal Services

Kanata Computer Virus Removal Services

We specialize in Virus Removal Services in Kanata, Ontario. We remove and repair Computer Viruses. Our Virus Removal and Repair technicians remove malware, adware, viruses, spyware, and adware. We also install Malware and virus removal software.

Kanata Computer Data Recovery Services

Kanata Computer Data Recovery Services 

We specialize in Computer Data Recovery services in Kanata, Ontario.  We recover and restore your lost data on your Computer Hard Disk Drive. Our Hard Drive and Data Recovery technicians can restore your lost data, documents, folders, images and files.

Kanata Computer Software Issues & Repair

Kanata Computer Software Issues & Repair

We specialize in Windows Software Issues and repair in Kanata, Ontario. We fix and repair issues like my Computer wont start or turn on, wont shut down, WiFi connection problems, charging problems, we fix Windows Software issues, Operating System Software issues, Printer Software Issues, and install the latest software updates.